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How to use the steering wheel correctly

In this driving video we will demonstrate how to use the steering wheel correctly when turning; you should use the push/pull method of steering which is better than crossing the hands or any other elaborate techniques. The push and pull method of steering is safer and easier, safer because your hands are away from the airbag area in case that this deploy and also safer for a beginner because their forearms are less likely to meet, freeze up and be inflexible, its easier because you have convenient access to the secondary controls like the wipers, lights and indicators and also this technique require less effort and less gripping of the wheel. So for a left turn, I will bring the left hand up to 12 o�clock and I will pull down with the left hand and in the same time the right hand slide so can meet the left down to 6 o'clock and the next move would be to push up whit the right hand and left to slide up to 12 o'clock, continue this and then opposite, please watch the video to see a demonstration on how to use the pull/push method.

Cockpit drill driving lesson. Are you driving a car for the first time? This video goes through the safety checks you need to perform before you start the car as you will be performing the cockpit drill. I go through the seat and mirror adjustments as well as the wheel and ensuring you are in neutral gear before starting. Watch till the end where I reveal an easy to remember phrase to help you carry out these checks.

This video explains the proper procedure when taking a right turn and using a yellow box. It is essential that you roll forward into the yellow box as this is the correct course of action if you wish to wait while taking a right turn.