Pre-test Driving Lessons

One of the main reasons candidates fail the driving test is because of lack of preparation. Professional Pre-Test tuition is essential if you are going to succeed and give yourself every chance to pass your Driving Test first time. Your Pre-Test will be conducted on actual test routes, by a qualified driving instructor approved by the RSA.

You can be assured that we know exactly what the tester wants and expects from you, and we know just what it takes for you to pass your driving test first time. Your mock test will be conducted in exactly the same format as the official RSA test. It will mirror the exact way the testers conduct themselves and how they speak to you and how they give directions on your practical test. Offers practical specialized pre-test courses that offer pupils a simulation of the Driving Test with our expert driving Instructor approved by RSA.

These courses help build your confidence, and maximize your chances of passing your driving test first time. We recommend a Four-Hour Course (2 x 2 hours) which will give you the best chance of passing your Driving Test first time.

We cover all driving test centres from Dublin North side Finglas - Jamestown Business Park on Jamestown Road, Finglas, Dublin 11 Raheny - 4 All Saints Park, Raheny, Dublin South side Churchtown 86 Landscape Rd, Newtown Little, Dublin 14 Tallaght Premier Business Park, 52 Broomhill Road, Tallaght, Co. Dublin

Things to do on Test Day

Book the day off work and clear your schedule so you donít have anything else to concentrate on. There is no point in rushing to and from your job when you are doing your test. Take the necessary time to prepare and leave the evening free to enjoy yourself once you pass. Start the day with a good positive approach telling yourself that this is the day you pass your driving test. There is no point in worrying yourself to death over a test that takes less than 1 hour to complete.

You will know if you have prepared properly and you should have confidence and belief in your own abilities. Make sure you eat a good breakfast. Even though you may be nervous eating something is very important. Research has shown that the body needs food to concentrate. Make sure you dress appropriately. Dress for comfort and not for style. Your examiner wants to test your driving ability, not your fashion sense.

Wear a pair of shoes or trainers that you feel comfortable in or the footwear you usually have on when driving. If you need to wear glasses, then wear them. Arrive in plenty of time. You should be present in the test centre at least 15 minutes before the appointed time of your test. If you are late the test will be cancelled and the fee will be forfeited. You must bring your provisional licence. Make sure your car is clean and in good working order.

On the day, car requirements are as follows: The seat belts are in working order. The tax and insurance discs are current. The 'L' plates are visible and not obstructing your view. Your vehicle is in a roadworthy condition (with an NCT Certificate if applicable). The indicators and brake lights are clean and clear. You know how to work the secondary controls, such as wipers, demisters, etc. The tyres are above the minimum thread depth (1.6mm). The seat head rests are in position.

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